Assisting mobile operators and partners with wireless design, small cell expertise, project management and GIS analyses.

AbsolutelyDandy Ltd has worked with BT/EE, O2, Three, Arqiva, Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei and smaller consultancy and asset providers. We provide clients with professional services catering to their specific needs and management requirements. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.



Professional & Reliable

The UK demands competitiveness and flexible agile Ltd companies help to provide expertise and assistance for UK Telecom deployments. 

AbsolutelyDandy Ltd has provided skills and expertise in Small Cells trials and major network deployment programmes. For example, we provide specialist design consultancy for wireless deployments on lampposts within the Small Cell Eco-System.

Our customers include mobile operators, infrastructure asset specialists. In future we hope to provide advice for smart city cohorts, dependent on specialist telecoms wireless deployment knowledge and expertise.

Our range of Senior Project management skills, use of MS Project, Office TimeLine Pro, Asana, Jira and SharePoint are all vital to progress actions in a fluid and complex environment.

Our aim is to work within the constraints of the existing organisation and attempt to accelerate progress using communication and innovative approaches. 

Reach out and contact us today to explore your current objectives and to allow us to evaluate how we could add value to you.